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Welcome to Auxillus!

At Auxillus we are driven to help companies nationwide in procuring the right talent to add value to their organization.

We tailor our relationships to best meet our client’s needs, and can provide staffing, permanent placement by contingency or retained search, or even RPO. We can find both the best talent on the market, or find the best talent in the market.

Our charter is to create long-term, strategic, value based relationships with our clients. Personalized service is our hallmark, and our strategic partnerships allow us to find the best fit for any professional position.

So if you are a company looking for a competitive edge, or a professional looking for the right opportunity to showcase your talents and abilities, welcome!

I.T. Recruitment

As technology evolves at a rapid pace, organizations require specialized professionals with the technical skills to develop the technology and digital infrastructure, as well as leaders to manage the projects that frequently involve extensive change management.

Auxillus’ extensive pool of specialist technology talent means we are able to quickly find the right person for your next role. Our candidates not only possess the in-demand technical skills, but have the right blend of communication and continuous improvement mindset to manage and lead change.

Healthcare Recruitment

Whether you are looking for temporary or casual staff, or looking for the perfect fit for a permanent role, we make your healthcare staffing process simple and easy. We work to find your ideal employment solutions, while having fun with you along the way. Our greatest satisfaction comes from our long-term relationships with people who trust us to find the best answers for them, time and time again.

We provide a comprehensive recruitment service to the healthcare sector and work with public and private hospitals, clinics, residential facilities and more.

I.T. Projects

Project Icon

Why would an I.T. recruitment agency get into the project business?

Simple. We had some technology needs, and who has better access to top I.T. talent than us?

Our core expertise falls in web development and job portal development, but our projects cover a wide range of systems from ERP to P.O.S. apps.

So if you have a particular technology need, just ask us. We will help if we can, and if not, direct you to the expert talent that can.

Test Our Skills

Send us a couple of requirements and we will run a test search for you- no commitment needed. We just want the opportunity to prove ourselves.

About Us

Our Recruitment Team
Our head office is in Salt Lake City, Utah, nestled at the foot of the Wasatch mountain range on the edge of Silicon Slopes. We began recruiting in the 1990s as part of a small, regional I.T. and engineering recruiting agency, and in time acquired a global delivery center to help service our U.S. recruiters. In doing so, we acquired an experienced Healthcare recruiting department, dedicated solely to recruiting doctors and nurses.

Tools and Techniques
Recruiting tool effectivity lasts as long as Paris runway fashions. At Auxillus we stay abreast of the latest recruitment methodologies and combine our proprietary database with both traditional and cutting-edge tools to get the most thorough coverage. We foster creativity in our team members, believing that only through innovation and thinking outside of the box will we be able to recruit high-level candidates that others cannot find

Personalized Focus
Auxillus is committed to offering one-on-one attention to both clients and candidates. We take time to discuss current needs and long range goals with both parties to carefully identify the appropriate opportunities and environments that will foster continuing success.

All too often recruiters are too focused on hard-sell strategies or short-term outcomes, resulting in a disconnect between what the client wants and what the recruiter subsequently delivers. At Auxillus, we listen to what you want, not what we want you to want.

Auxillus understands the needs and expectations of both our clients and professional talent seeking permanent and contract work. We bend for our clients, not the other way around. Flexibility in everything from sourcing procedures to candidate delivery is an integral component of our success.

Ethics, Integrity and Transparency
Auxillus values mutual trust and integrity: we respect and safeguard the good names of clients, their corporate image and all candidates with whom we have contact. We believe that ethics are not a means to an end, but a way of life.

We always aim to keep all relevant parties up to date throughout the whole recruitment process based on communication lines that are upfront, clear and transparent.

Our core is IT, and our Healthcare department is both experienced and qualified. But sometimes, as we strive to meet the needs of our I.T. and Healthcare clients, they will present us with auxiliary needs: engineers, technicians, office staff, etc. We are more than happy to expand our reach a bit in order to provide our clients with the talent that they require.

Feel free to ask about other industries, and we will give you an honest assessment of our capabilities.

Our Process

Understanding Your Needs and Wants
The first step in successfully filling your open position is for us to gain a clear understanding of your company, your culture, your products, your competitive differentiators, and your goals. It is also important for us to understand your current sourcing resources, what works, what doesn't work, and what is missing from the process.

The next step is to gain an understanding of the duties of the position, the background that is required to carry out those duties, and the parameters of the compensation package.

Developing a Recruiting Plan
Once we understand your needs and wants, we can develop an effective recruiting plan.  

Some positions may require the utmost speed, so we immediately search our extensive database, as well as both major and niche job boards.   Some positions may require the deepest level of headhunting, and here is where we excel.  We use the latest sourcing tools to comb through social media, internet giants, industry associations, classifieds sites, university sites, etc.   Often our work is a combination of the two above, but always our efforts are tailored to accomplish one thing: find the right talent for you.

Qualifying Candidates
We understand that your time is valuable, and that you don't want to see marginally qualified or mismatched candidates. We take our job of filtering down to the superstars seriously. We ask for frequent feedback from you to help us continually improve our understanding of your needs. In addition, we will never knowingly misrepresent either your interest in a candidate or a candidate's interest in you. A bad fit is a waste of everyone's time.

Interviewing Process
Auxillus consultants can, if you wish, set up phone and in-person interviews and check references on finalists. When you ultimately decide upon a particular candidate, we make recommendations and provide information that will enable you to extend an offer that will effectively secure that candidate.

Closing Assistance
Even the perfect fit can suffer difficulties in closing. We won't try to force a fit when there isn't one, but often small, insignificant issues can kill a deal. Our senior consultants are experienced in assisting you during the closing process in finding possible compromises that satisfy both you and your perfect candidate. This often requires no more than a little creativity on our part to turn a failed placement into a happy fit.